l e m en t i n e

refreshing movement

Lisa Medford |  @lementine_ 

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   Lementine serves as a lively companion for youth through the art of dance. Our mission is to contribute to world refreshment every time we come together.

Transforming life's lemons...

          Music and movement, remain treasured languages of the human soul, to interpret, express, heal, and connect to on another, however media, pop culture and the music industry often imply one is only as valuable as their last ovation. As a result, judgement and competition have become dominant drives for many in our culture, a detrimental distraction from our greater potential and true joy. 
           A trusted circle of mentors and peers that cultivate growth with out judgement, is crucial to the preservation of this gift and tool. Lementine is a companion and protector of refreshing and empowering individuals, for increased vitality and well being in our daily lives.