Lisa Medford
Founder & Director 

l e m en t i n e

refreshing movement

        As my mother watched “Dirty Dancing” in the movie theater, I made my dance debut with a kick in the womb.  Raised as a ballerina,  I  cherish memories of performing full length ballets with the Evergreen City Ballet, directed by Wade Walthall.
       At age 16, the liveliness of the Seattle Hip-Hop scene drew me in, and inspired me to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the music and dance industry.  
        After moving to Los Angeles,  I especially enjoyed touring China as a dancer for Pop Star Jay Chou, training in New York City at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and dancing as a leading futuristic lady in Steve Aoki and Waka Flocka’s music video, "Rage the Night Away." (parent advisory due to language)

        In 2012 I founded  "Soul of Cali"  a positive environment for youth to train, create, and discover personal style from the inside out. SOC is available to youth through the city of Santa Monica in addition to my classes through the Pretenders Studio in Santa Monica.
      With over 10 years teaching dance in schools, colleges, studios, and reggio based preschools, I have arrived at a lively crossroad between Dance Instruction and Early Childhood Education, exploring and designing original dance adventures for young children.  “Save the World” my dance along for kids, produced by Mega Mace has been translated into several languages and broadcasted by Cyberobics through out Europe.

        I spend my summers at the best place on earth, exploring cultural arts and true unity at World Groove Summer Camp! When I'm not creating with the kiddos, you can catch an adult cardio class with me at Moore Dancing in Brentwood, where good vibes flow.